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Over the years we have built a wide network for sourcing our Furniture & White Goods and while much still comes from members of the public, the majority is now from working in partnership with national retailers who offer Take Back Schemes for their customers. This enables us to build a large stock and cater for most tastes and requirements. For example we have over 500 Kitchen Appliances in stock at present, covering Laundry, Cooking & Refrigeration.

One of the aims of the organisation is to overcome the myth that “second-hand is second best”. We have been doing through our membership of Revolve, the RN (Reuse Network) and CCS (Circular Communities Scotland), as well as working with ZWS (Zero Waste Scotland)and SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) from whom we have become an Authorised & Approved Treatment Facility for Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment. Collectively we are all working to promote Reuse as an environmental and sustainable option.

In order to provide peace of mind for customers all appliances are inspected then tested thoroughly and put through all function tests with any identified faults being repaired. Once our engineers are satisfied with the product, they are then PAT tested and finally thoroughly cleaned and graded to reflect age, specification & condition.

All appliances come with a 3 month guarantee. Our customer base regularly benefit from the savings which can be had from going for the reuse option as opposed to buying new our service, but they also have the confidence that comes with Revolve accreditation that our products are all quality checked and supplied with an assured level of service quality.