The Furniture & White Goods Re-use Service encourages volunteer involvement and trainee placements in all aspects of the operation. You don’t have to have any experience, just a willingness to contribute your time and enthusiasm to get Second Opportunities diverting more furniture from landfill.  In return you get a rewarding experience as part of an enthusiastic and dedicated team.
Opportunities include:

  • Office & Admin work.
  • Uplifting Furniture & Delivering to Service users.
  • Warehousing.
  • Furniture repair and Restoration.
  • Customer Service.

All volunteers are provided with an organisational induction and basic health and safety training & equipment. We then help you to develop your role and skill set through further mentoring with existing staff and specialist training where necessary.

During the past year their help has enabled us to:

  • Reuse or recycle 5,585 items.
  • Diverted from Landfill 232 tonnes.
  • Work with 1,343 people in supporting the service.
  • Households 307 referred from our network of referral agencies.
  • The number of items 1,215 of either free or discounted furniture provided through our Referral Network.
  • The number of people 47 supporting us through volunteering.
  • The number of trainees 63 that we support.

If you would like to Volunteer then please contact us: 0141 425 1177