A Revolve Accredited Furniture Re-use Service

Delivered on behalf of Zero Waste Scotland, Revolve is Scotland’s national re-use quality standard and aims to increase re-use by improving professionalism, customer experience and visibility of re-use organisations. As a Revolve accredited organisation Second Opportunities has successfully gained the Revolve Reuse Quality Standard.   For more information –

The Reuse Service aims to divert re-useable furniture, donated by the public, which often in the past could have been destined for landfill, and the Revolve Standard ensures a visit to the Reuse Centre provides an interesting & attractive shopping experience while giving customers the confidence that:
–     They can find a varied source of Low-Cost Furniture & Household Items.
–     All items are checked and if necessary repaired to make sure they are safe and in working order.

–     All items are cleaned to an acceptable standard prior to display in the Furniture Reuse Centre Showroom.

To use the discounted service, Support Organisations, Resettlement Agencies and Housing Associations will identify clients, who can’t afford access to furniture.  They then refer them to Second Opportunities which in turn allows access to a discounted pricing structure for the furniture required.

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