The service is aimed primarily at people who have been homeless and have no furniture. The furniture packages are flexible in that they can take account of customer needs according to the amount of furniture required and the length of time required.

The service charge for the furniture service is eligible to be met by Housing Benefit as the furniture will remain the property of Second Opportunities. At the end of the term, depending on the type of package we will either let the tenant keep the items or we will seek to reuse the items.

An application for a package requires the involvement of the Housing Association or landlord. When an offer of a tenancy is received they can assess whether a package is required and refer the tenant to Second Opportunities where the package can be chosen and then assist in the application for the service charge to be paid by Housing Benefit and added to the cost of rental for the property.

We can vary the package for each tenant by offering a choice of reuse and new items. Reuse items lower the cost of the package and can become the property of the tenant at the end of the package term. For new items there is a choice of colours for carpeting, bedding and suite, dependant on the package chosen.

For more vulnerable and longer term tenants we can offer a regular review of the package which will build in the replacement of items which incur wear and tear.