About Us

Environmental Benefits

The service aims to reuse furniture which could otherwise end up in landfill.  It will, where cost effective, repair and clean furniture so that it is of a usable and acceptable standard prior to being made available to customers. The amount of furniture re-used is carefully logged so that the tonnage diverted from landfill can be accurately recorded and C02 savings calculated. This helps minimise the effect on costly landfill and reduces the environmental impact by giving new life to pre loved items which previous owners no longer require.  Remember, when you buy a reused item, you save the resources and energy it would have taken to make a new one.

Social Benefits

Our showroom is open to everybody and for many its about looking for a bargain or a life style choice.  In addition the Furniture Re-use Service provides opportunities for community engagement in the Circular Economy.   Either by donating surplus household items, or by choosing to meet their household needs by sourcing pre loved items, or by being involved in the service delivery though a volunteering placement.  We also aim to help the socially and financially excluded, which often includes those who are homeless, unemployed, low income, victims of family break-up and those generally marginalised within society.  Anyone who is referred in these circumstances will receive help in meeting their furniture requirements.


During the past year their help has enabled us to:
  • Reuse or recycle 5,585 items.
  • Diverted from Landfill 232 tonnes.
  • Work with 1,343 people in supporting the service.
  • Households 307 referred from our network of referral agencies.
  • The number of items 1,215 of either free or discounted furniture provided through our Referral Network.
  • The number of people 47 supporting us through volunteering.
  • The number of trainees 63 that we support.
Donations To find out more about how to donate furniture to our Furniture Reuse Service and our donations policy and what we do with your donation, please click here.
Revolve Second Opportunities is a Revolve accredited organisation. Revolve is Scotland’s national re-use quality standard which means that when you buy from us you can be sure of the quality we offer throughout in all aspects of our operation.
Re-use & Recycling We offer Reuse & Recycling in Household Furniture, Office Furniture & White Goods.
New Two We don’t only do preloved furniture, we also do New. New Two operates as the commercial division of the organisation, the profits from which help support Second Opportunities.
White Goods Re-use Centre To find out more about our White Goods Reuse operation and to see the range we have in stock Click here.